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The Hyetis brand offers connected watches, entirely designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Our first product is a world premiere:

a classic mechanical movement within a connected smart watch, this way combining the traditional Swiss know-how and the advanced telecom and electronic technologies from today.


Years of research

Two years to overcome the obstacles before showing our first product


Team members

9 employees, 4 volunteers and 2 dogs.



Number of parts assembled to make our first watch.

Imagine and conceive a smartwatch

A watch is by definition a wearable time measuring instrument. The watch works at all times and the great art of automatic winding clockworks is there: the hands never stop. A brilliant mechanical device since it pulls its energy out of body motion. The automatic mechanism rewinds the mainspring which gathers the elastic energy necessary to time tracking. As long as it is worn, it keeps telling the time.

This watch is at the opposite of a computer, a cell phone, or a common smartwatch which unfortunately can’t be used this way. Even worse, with the intensive use we give them, it is an everyday routine to plug them for recharging. The screen always ends by fading and turning off, the hardware being unusable with a dead battery. In these conditions, a smartwatch without a movement becomes worthless, incapable even of filling its primary role as a watch.

For a smartwatch to be a watch, it should never stop ticking. The secret of the mechanical movement should thus be integrated. But how?

This is the story of Hyetis: imagine and assemble the first connected watch that keeps telling the time, no matter what.

Arny Kapshitzer, watchmaker, designer and geek

Self-learning industrial designer, Kapshitzer has been working in the watchmaking industry for the last 15 years. In particular, he has managed projects for the most prestigious Swiss brands such as Tag Heuer, Omega, and Rolex.

Hyetis is its third watchmaking brand, after Custos in 2004 (currently part of the Franck Müller group), and AK Genève in 2007 (high-tech Fine watchmaking).


The smartwatch combining all advanced media tech and an automatic mechanical movement has been an old dream, the inspiration coming from our childhood SyFy movies. While nowadays connected smartwatches have preferred electronic displays to watch hands and to the very mechanisms of classic watchmaking, this challenge has been my main motivation: to combine the outstanding Swiss watchmaking know-how with innovation


With Hyetis, he conceives watches focused on today’s needs:

  • Availability: they are objects that are continuously connected to our world, to which it responds instantaneously
  • Independence and autonomy: No need of cell phone to work, not specific to one cell phone brand, no need of battery to tell the time.
  • Fusion: Cell-phones have reached a critical size, and they have become too bulky to be wearable, unpractical for sports. Hyetis merges the object and the user, every smart phone technology becoming an extension of our body in our wrists

Hyetis has risen to the challenge: the first successful integration of a traditional mechanical movement with all components and sensors connected to a watch.

After two years of development, the team has overcome the limitations concerning the miniaturization of an electronic circuit while keeping the complexity of traditional Swiss watchmaking. All the sensors and electronic components now coexist with a traditional mechanical movement within the limited housing inner space of a watch. Careful assembly work has been carried out so that each element is placed in the right place to achieve the various commands and features. All without penalizing the final design, nor the autonomy, nor the access to circuits for further developments.

Note again that an ad hoc GPS antenna has been developed by saving space and energy consumption.

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