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Alpha is a world premiere, the perfect combination of Swiss traditional watchmaking and the latest NBIC* electro-technologies.
* NBIC nano-, bio-, information- and cognitive science-technologies.

Never before has the challenge of combining a mechanical watch movement and the technology of a smartwatch been successfully met. The resulting product is the first fully functional automatic smartwatch of the market. Alpha provides you not only with the time, but also with a whole range of measurements and information displayed on two full color screens.Gestural recognition, extremely electronics miniaturizing, exclusive GPS antenna are the main features of this exceptional object.


The Alpha watch will be the keeper of your physical parameters: as soon as it is turned on, you will be prompted to inquire about these. Thus, over time you will have the history of your physical activities, your tracked courses and the calories you burned up. The watch will be set according to your personal parameters, always ready to tell you if an abnormality or overlimit shows up.


Alpha’s ultra-sophisticated housing contains a multitude of applications. Its internal sensors provide useful and reliable information on both ambient and biometric parameters: pressure; temperature; UV exposure; position and route; altitude and depth; heart rate; oxygen saturation; calories; etc.

This information is measured, displayed on screen or recorded in Alpha’s internal memory. These features do not require the presence of a smartphone.

However, Alpha can also serve as an extension of iOS and Android smartphones, as it can inform you of emails and text messages received, activity on your favorite social networks as well as real-time notifications from chosen suscriptions.


Alpha can be driven using gesture recognition. Simple hand gestures above the crystal and a push-in crown allow you to access and navigate its functions and integrated applications. Once you get to the application of your choice, you simply need to push the side knob to open it and view its contents. Stopwatch, calendar or oximetry are displayed for reading.


Above all, Alpha is a watch build according to Swiss traditional watchmaking standards and know-how. It is entirely designed, manufactured and assembled in Switzerland. It contains a self-winding mechanical movement with a 48-hour power reserve, which ensures a remarkable autonomy, even at rest. Thus, Alpha will always tell you the time, whether or not the batteries for the other functions are charged.

The watchcase is made of ceramic or compressed carbon, both materials chosen for their strength as well as their lightweight and unalterable properties. The double-sided antiglare coated crystal and watch face are made of sapphire. The luminescent polished rhodium-plated metal hands and indexes ensure constant readability.


With Alpha on your wrist, you will stay informed, in all discretion, of all the activities on your favorite social networks. Through a slight vibration or by the mere display of a digital message, you will receive real-time notifications from all of your subscriptions. You then decide to deal with it using your phone.

As for your phone calls, you can reject or accept them a simple hand gesture.


You can choose between two materials for the middle part of your watch: compressed carbon, or white or black ceramic. Ceramic has the particularity of being scratch-resistance, of being very stable and very resistant to temperature variations. Carbon combines lightweight and strength. Both are highly permeable to radio waves, which guarantees the quality of the connection between watch and phone via Bluetooth.

For the glasses, the choice fell on sapphire, known by being scratch-resistant, unbreakable and anti-glare. The inner housing is made from injected carbon fiber designed to withstand impacts, pressure or bending stresses. The bracelets are made of Kevlar and nomex (in the carbon version) or alligator leather (in the ceramic version). Other elements like bezel, applique, crown’s protection, clasp and buckle are made of micro-blasted polished gray titanium.


Alpha accompagnies you in your physical activities however modest or extreme. It allows you to monitor your health parameters over time, for one or several sessions. By measuring your current speed, route and altitude, Alpha provides you with a true activity journal, whether walking, diving or skydiving. Moreover, you will be able to follow and record your heart rate, calories burnt or blood oxygen saturation.


Thanks to its embedded sensors, the Alpha measures the temperature and humidity of the air wherever you are, all the time. With its GPS function, it works as a beacon, receiving and displaying the information transmitted by the nearest weather station. With the dosimeter function, it monitors your ultraviolet radiation absorption, and In case of prolonged exposure, sends you a reminder to suggest you to protect yourself from the sun.


Designed to be the ideal companion for undersea diving lovers, the Alpha has a fully waterproof design. You can easily plunge it to a depth of 100 meters and record the coordinates and depths of the different dives.


Whether you are lover of phones running under Android or iOS fan of Apple technology, Alpha will be able to connect to it. Thus, the use of your watch will not be dependent on a single smartphone operating system. And you can always change it.

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