Future creations

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Future creations

Hyetis is a think tank designed to provide even more innovation. The features developed on Alpha are the starting point for a wide range of watches and brought technology product.

In addition to Alpha, more products are currently being developed.

The Crossbow

An upgraded version of the Alpha, dedicated to image capturing and environmental conditions analysis.

In this special model, the “console” shape is inspired by an emerging trend in the 1970s. It works as a probe, capable of recording and analyzing sound and image, thanks to its micro and its integrated camera.

The construction, particularly robust, allows 250 m-waterproof sealing.


The Signature Collection

Hyetis prepares to launch a daring and avant-garde design collection under the Signature label. Details in late January 2016.


The Lifestyle Collection

The launch of a young, fashion-oriented, performance collection is planned for spring 2016.

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